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CCRC Recovery Program

The CCRC RECOVERY MODEL is divided into Four Modules of Care. Clients move through the modules at their own pace, with the average total length of stay being 4-6 weeks, however some clients may require a longer treatment. In addition to the Four Modules of Care, clients are given a journal at the time of admission and encouraged to use it daily, as this allows them to monitor their progress, express themselves and document this pivotal period of their lives. The CCRC Recovery Model recognizes that some clients need an alternative to the 12 Steps meetings, but since they have been exposed  to 12 Step Meetings and other self-help support groups, like SMART Recovery and LifeRing, we will provide information about each of these groups as well.


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Module 1: Take Care of Your Body Physical_Activities_Caribbean_Rehab_resort

To Help the Client Develop an Action Plan that Allows Them to Take Optimal Care of their Physical Health.

Clients are led through a series of exercises and treatment activities designed to determine what is the level of their current physical health, and then their strengths and areas of needed growth will be identified.

From this perspective clients are assisted in developing physical goals and an action plan to accomplish these goals.

Module 2: Improve Your Mental and Emotional Well-Being Psychological_Activities_Caribbean_Rehab_Resort

To  Develop Techniques To Improve Their Mood, Thinking Patterns and Emotional Stability.

This module continues throughout the course of treatment. Clients are provided education and support regarding a variety of topics pertinent to substance abuse treatment and recovery, particularly as it relates to mental and emotional well-being.

Clients are taught several critical techniques like stress management, mood management, cognitive therapy, positive thinking, emotional regulation, calming techniques,  effective communication strategies, and much more.

Module 3: Identify and Develop a Sober Support System Social_Activities_Caribbean_Rehab_Resort

To Develop with and Utilize a Sober Support System That Has Permission and Encouragement to Give the Client Feedback and Direction.

This module requires that clients identify specific individuals, organizations, therapists and support groups that will become their primary support system upon discharge.

Clients are assisted in locating resources in their own communities that will provide support services. We take into consideration the client’s life-style, vocation, living situation, family issues and any personal challenges. We help the client to make contact with individuals, therapists and organizations to assure that they are willing and able to commit to be a part of the support network.

Prior to transition from this module, clients must have a list of names with phone numbers, and the scheduled meetings that will constitute their primary sober support system.

Module 4: Develop a Sense of Purpose and Meaning In Life Spiritual_Caribbean_Rehab_Resort

To Assist the Client in Developing a Life That Allows Them to Live in Accordance with Their Spiritual Values System. This module helps the clients to develop a plan of action that assists them in identifying and enhancing their Spiritual path. They will engage in several activities that support their continued Spiritual growth, and they will learn and practice several techniques that are designed to enhance their sense of integrity, personal values, and meaning in their life. It is not necessary for a client to believe in a God or a Higher Power in order to create  a life of deep meaning and purpose, and to live their lives in accordance with these principles.  For many though, this is an essential component to the development of a successful recovery program.


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