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Comprehensive Substance Abuse Evaluation

At CCRC, we offer an independent and objective Comprehensive Substance Abuse Evaluation. This service is designed to assist individuals, physicians, therapists and family members to determine the degree to which a client has a substance abuse problem, and what treatment (if any) would be clinically appropriate.

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Treatment Recommendation

At CCRC, each client will receive a physical examination and a psychosocial assessment during the first few days of treatment. The information gathered will be used in the development of an individualized treatment plan, and the multidisciplinary treatment team will continue to actively participate in each client’s primary care  throughout their stay.

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The Caribbean Coast Recovery Center residential treatment program is designed to offer care and support to individuals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Each day is filled with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual stimulation.

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CCRC Recovery Program

The CCRC RECOVERY MODEL is divided into Four Modules of Care, clients move through the modules at their own pace, with the average total length of stay being 4-6 weeks, however some clients may require a longer treatment. In addition to the Four Modules of Care, clients are given a journal at time of admission and are encouraged to use it daily, as this allows them to monitor their progress, express themselves and document this pivotal period of their lives.

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Our hope is that this will be the last treatment episode our clients will ever need, so we try and give them as much as possible during their time with us. We want to provide opportunities for all clients to develop the necessary tools and a support system that will assist them to obtain and maintain lifelong recovery.

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Continuing Care

At Caribbean Coast Recovery Center, Continuing Care is one of the strongest components of The CCRC Recovery Model. We believe that it’s relatively easy to get clean and sober, however it’s very difficult to remain clean and sober. For this reason, we have designed a treatment model that supports long-term recovery.

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Extended Care

Extended Care is a treatment option available for those clients that have completed primary care at Caribbean Coast Recovery Center or another residential program. This level of care allows clients to remain in a safe and nurturing residential environment while transitioning back into their lives.

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Chronic Relapse Program

At CCRC, we believe that relapse is not an indication that the client has failed. Instead, our philosophy is that relapse is an indication that one’s Recovery Program needs fine tuning. Chronic relapsers are clients that may have been in multiple treatments, may have had long periods of recovery, and know the lingo, the tools and the “Program”, but can’t seem to stay clean and sober.

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Admission & Fees

Caribbean Coast Recovery Center has made every effort to keep our program affordable and charges are directly related to expenses incurred in providing services. Our rates are all-inclusive unless otherwise noted. You will be notified in advance if any service is recommended that will require additional payment, and you will have the option to decline that service.

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