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How long is the program?

The average length of stay is four to six weeks. However, because each client is different, the duration of treatment can be shorter or longer. Each client is expected to transition through the Four Modules of The CCRC Recovery Model prior to being discharged.

Is there any family involvement?

There are many opportunities for families to be involved in treatment. At Caribbean Coast Recovery Center we believe that family involvement is an important factor in influencing positive treatment outcomes. With client consent, family members are encouraged to be involved in sessions as needed throughout the course of treatment. Family members are also involved in the Discharge Planning and the Relapse Prevention portion of the program.

Will I have to attend AA meetings?

No, you will not have to attend AA meetings. All counselling is done onsite by our treatment team. At Caribbean Coast Recovery Center we believe that the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous are very effective for many people, however not for everyone.

How many people will I have to share a room with?

At Caribbean Coast Recovery Center, all of our rooms are private; you will never have a roommate. The accommodations are extremely comfortable, and divided into two categories, “private and deluxe”.  If you have a room preference, let the staff know during the admission process.

Will I be allowed to have visitors and make phone calls?

You will be allowed to have visitors, however, visits must first be scheduled with staff. Phone calls and computer/internet access are allowed in designated areas and outside of scheduled program activities.

Will I have urine tests while in the program?

Yes, there will be random urine testing to ensure abstinence.

Will I have a physical examination?

Yes, at CCRC, each client is evaluated by the physician within 24 hours of admission. A complete History and Physical Report is generated by the physician and utilized as a part of the treatment planning. The medical doctor participates in the weekly treatment team meetings throughout the course of treatment.

Can my current therapist participate in my treatment at the Caribbean Coast Recovery Center?

Yes, with client written consent, therapists are contacted to confirm the client was admitted to Caribbean Coast Recovery Center. Also, we will invite therapists to participate in the initial assessment, the treatment planning and the discharge planning.  If a client has an existing therapeutic relationship with a local therapist and plans to continue treatment post-discharge, every effort will be made to collaborate with that therapist during the course of treatment.

Will I receive individual therapy in addition to groups?

Yes, each client will receive four individual counselling sessions weekly in addition to 10+ group sessions weekly. Also, counsellors accompany the group on all activities from yoga to walking on the beach. Our team is there for every step of the rehabilitation process. Growth and learning continue throughout the stay even when not in individual sessions and group sessions. Relearning to enjoy life and activities substance-free is part of the healing and the program.

How do I pay?

You pay a deposit of $2,500 USD when you reserve and the balance upon arrival at the CCRC.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we do accept Visa and MasterCard. We also accept wire transfers. Please contact us to process your reservation.

What happens after I arrive at the Puerto Plata (POP) Airport?

The moment you arrive, one of our team members will be waiting for you. We will are identifiable and clients are asked to provide a picture after booking to assist with identification at the airport. Transfers to and from Puerto Plata Airport (POP) are included in your program fee.

How long is the drive from Puerto Plata Airport to CCRC?

It’s about 20 minutes by car.

Do I have to take money with me?

We provide an all-inclusive program, however, we suggest that you bring a couple of hundred American dollars or more with you for your personal spending.

Will I have access to an ATM machine?

Yes. In addition, we take you shopping if you want anything once per week. Whether you need toiletries or a gift for a loved one, we will ensure you are able to find what you seek.

Is the resort confidential?

Yes. The resort is 100% private and confidential.

Is there a safe in the room?

Yes. There are no extra fees for this.

Do I have to pay for the weekly excursions?

No, the weekly excursions are included in your program fees.

Do I have to pay gratuities?

No, all gratuities are strictly forbidden.

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