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5 Ways Binge Drinking Can Affect Your Health

5 Ways Binge Drinking Can Affect Your Health

The holiday season is often a time to celebrate, but for some, it can trigger dangerous habits such as binge drinking.  Binge drinking is commonly defined as a pattern of heavy alcohol consumption over a short span of time. While occasional drinking is normal, excessive drinking can have devastating effects on your body. Here are 5 dangers of binge drinking.

1 – Increased Risk of Heart Disease

The amount of alcohol you consume is related to your blood pressure. Consequently, binge drinking can increase the risk of contracting a heart disease, even among young adults. Binge drinking can weaken your heart muscles over time, which could eventually result in a heart failure. Binge drinking can also raise blood pressure, which by consequence results in an increase in developing hypertension.

2 – Increased Risk of Brain Damage

Binge drinking can also impact how the brain functions. Alcohol is commonly known to affect one’s senses (slurred speech, blurred vision) and how one thinks and reacts. Consuming excessive alcohol can therefore have an effect on the brain’s development over time. Even a young adult can sustain long-term memory loss or have difficulty learning new skills due to binge drinking.

3 – Increased Risk of Cancer

Research shows that alcohol consumption raises the risk of several cancers. Cancers linked to alcohol include mouth cancer, breast cancer, oesophageal cancer, liver cancer and bowel cancer. In the human body, alcohol converts into acetaldehyde, a toxic chemical that damages certain cells and that consequently cause cancer.

4 – Increased Risk of Alcohol Use Disorder

Binge drinking can increase the risks of developing alcohol use disorder, more commonly known as alcoholism. Some people are more at risk of developing alcoholism, such as people who suffered traumatic events or grew up in a household influenced by alcohol.

5 – Increased Risk of Alcohol Poisoning

Last but not least, binge drinkers have the highest risk of getting alcohol poisoning, which occurs when one’s blood alcohol level is considered poisonous because it is so high. Alcohol poisoning is high fatal and can even be life-threatening. Common symptoms of alcohol poisoning include vomiting, confusion, irregular breathing and seizures.

Binge drinking is certainly not a seasonal habit, but festivities such as the holidays can definitely be filled with triggers that can cause one to drink heavily. If you think you’ve fallen into the habit of binge drinking, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Contact us today at toll-free 1-800-832-1259, or fill out the form on our main page. We’re here to help.

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